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Check out these figures!

Internet users aged between 15 to 40 years are increasingly shifting towards mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and net books for shopping and browsing. A recent research has shown that almost 65% of them use small devices for web tasks. Those between 40 to 55 years depend on laptop and desktop ( 62% ) for such chores while folks above 60 years tend to prefer personal computers ( 56% ). Therefore, responsive & mobile website design has become a mandatory feature in today’s evolving and demanding times.

The above data reveals an interesting fact; that in spite of majority of users migrating towards hand held devices there are many who still belong to the world of desktops. In such a scenario building a website which provides consistent and satisfying user experience is of paramount importance. IndiaWebz, a leading responsive website design company India develops sites that are liquid / elastic in nature.

Our responsive web design services offers following distinct features.

1. Uniform user experience across a plethora of screen sizes.
2. Enhanced visitor quotient.
3. Unmatched user satisfaction.
4. Reduced cost - as a single website caters to different devices and people.
5. Better page rank because of search engine friendly attributes.

So, what are the benefits / importance of dynamic web design?

• Increased number of return visitors. Excellent conversion rate.
• Enhanced brand perception.
• Improved interaction which reduces bounce rates.
• No penalty by search engines as the content is unique across all the platforms.

Several customers want to know “Why Custom Dynamic Design?” Some of the reasons are already mentioned above. However, a custom responsive site creates instant impact on the visitors because it offers dependable and uniform layout which is easily relatable. It also builds / strengthens trust which is one of the most important virtues of any website.

Mobile friendly website increases traffic and thereby sales!

We, at IndiaWebz build custom websites that stretch according to the display size. It simply results in a gratifying user experience. Call us today for a quote. You can also use the contact us form to get in touch with us.

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