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Do you want to launch your website on urgent basis? Are your expansion plans hinged on to online presence and the same needs to be accomplished quickly? Maybe you need to share content for collaboration with other offices across the country? If you answer is yes then IndiaWebz can provide you a cost effective solution and that too with minimum downtime.

So, how do we achieve this seemingly unattainable feat? Through CMS called Wordpress.

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is feature rich software that is based on themes and plug-ins, and therefore doesn’t require mock templates and hand coding. In fact, even non-technical staff can update a website via easy to use image upload and content addition functions. However, as a competent Wordpress developer company we also provide customized themes, PSD to Wordpress and plug-in development services.

What does it mean for you as a client?

By opting to create Wordpress website instead of using the classic way, companies can not only save time and money, but also reap the benefits of a platform that is SEO friendly, 100% scalable and requires minimum hardware and software resources. Wordpress’s inherent architecture makes sure that websites built around it are flexible in nature. As a smart organization you don’t need to build websites for different platforms and devices. Wordpress does this job seamlessly.

What about Wordpress blog?

The beauty of this content management system is the bouquet of applications that can be built around it. Blog is one those applications. In fact it was developed for content and blogging.

As mentioned above IndiaWebz offers Wordpress CMS in its native form and also caters to theme customization and theme development requests. Our in-house developers are proficient, qualified and highly passionate. Try us today!

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